Mental Health Books

Thrive Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journals can significantly improve your life, especially if you have depression and anxiety. This journal is especially powerful in that it enables you to develop a deeper appreciation for your life and who you are. Unlike daily journals, this journal provides you with prompts to write about. It provides you with 85 different areas for you to learn to express your gratitude.


Mental Health Recovery

Mental Health Recovery is a practical guide to overcoming depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. It is based on three simple steps designed to help you overcome your mental health issues. The book is not designed to help you learn to cope with your depression and anxiety but rather to help you learn to thrive in spite of them.

Thrive: Depression and Anxiety Workbook

 A sixty-day workbook designed to help you move beyond coping with your condition and learning to thrive instead. It is filled with inspirational quotes and activities to help you retrain your brain


Mental Health and the Church

The church across North America has struggled to minister effectively with children, teens, and adults with common mental health conditions and their families. One reason for the lack of ministry is the absence of a widely accepted model for mental health outreach and inclusion.