Becoming a Trainer

suicide prevention trainerWe have two training programs for suicide prevention and intervention.

  • Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Ministry for Churches
  • Suicide Prevention for Everyone

We have developed detailed workbooks for both programs that include the entire training. We did it this way to make it easy for anyone to become a trainer as well as leaving everyone who attends a training event to have a great resource to review.

It has always been our goal for churches and community groups to have someone available to train their leaders and members. It is because of this commitment that we make it easy and affordable to become a trainer. Instead of spending $45 or more per person for training, you can have someone on staff that provides this training for the cost of the book.

Since the entire training is in book workbook form, anyone can get with friends and go through the book. However, it will be much more valuable if the person leading it has had training. If you want to be a recognized trainer, we ask you to have formal training. Once you become a trainer, you will receive the PowerPoint presentations for both classes, My Attitudes About Suicide poster, and an invitation to the private trainer’s Facebook page where you can discuss anything about the training, suicide prevention, or mental health ministry. Once a trainer, you can take any online module or come to any in-person training as many times as you want for free.

There is a $25 cost for becoming a trainer. This is for the materials listed above.

What is involved in becoming a trainer?

Take our class

We present this training in two ways. Whether you take the class in person or online. Once you have done so you can contact us and we will send you the link to purchase the trainers kit and the link to the private Facebook group.