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Suicide Prevention for Everyone is a training manual designed to teach everything you would learn in a formal 4 hour or longer suicide prevention training. It is the only book on the market designed to help you or a group learn how to do a suicide intervention. I developed to book to go along with my suicide prevention training. Unlike other training manuals with a couple of pages of information, everything I present in the 4-hour training is included in this book. The book is written in workbook form and can be used with any group of people to learn how to do a suicide intervention. While an individual will benefit from the book, it includes many discussion areas and role-playing activities that work best in a group setting.

The book is designed to be used in the training I lead called “Suicide Prevention for Everyone.” To get the most from this book, there should be someone leading it who has been through suicide intervention training. This is important for the many discussion areas and the role-playing exercises. I am available to provide this training in Washington State. I also regularly lead, Train the Trainers events to equip people to conduct this training.

Areas the book covers

How you and your community can make a difference in helping prevent suicide

  • Developing your understanding of suicide
  • Learning how to recognize the signs of suicide
  • How to ask someone about suicide
  • How to help someone who is thinking about suicide. 
  • Many role-playing activities to help you become confident in helping someone who is thinking of suicide.

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