Suicide Prevention For Churches – Book

Suicide Prevention for Churches

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Suicide Prevention and Intervention for Churches is the only book designed for pastors and churches to train their leaders and members to understand, recognize, and prevent suicide. It is unique in that,

  1. It is the only book that provides complete suicide intervention training.
  2. It is the only book that covers the many things your church can do to help prevent suicide in your community.
  3. It is one of the very few books that deal with ministering to those affected by suicide. This includes those who have attempted suicide, those who have lost friends or family to suicide, and those who are helpers and supporters of those who are suicidal or have attempted suicide.
  4. It is the only book designed to help your leaders and members to understand suicide.
  5. It is the only book designed in workbook form that your leaders and members can go through together.

Your community is in the middle of a suicide crisis. In 2019 nearly 10% of all adults thought about suicide and over 20% of teenagers. Churches can do more than any other organization to help prevent suicide. With the training provided in this book, your church can become a beacon of light not only for those who are thinking of suicide and their families but for all those who are affected by mental illness in your community.

The book is designed to be used in the training I lead called “Suicide Prevention for Churches.” I have created the book in workbook form so that leaders and members of churches and faith groups can work through it and learn

1. How to recognize the signs of suicide and help individuals thinking of suicide find the help they need.

2. How their churches can help prevent suicide in their communities.

To get the most from this book, there should be someone leading it who has been through suicide intervention training. This is important for the many discussion areas and the roleplaying exercises. I am available to provide this training in Washington State. I also regularly lead, Train the Trainers events to equip people to conduct this training.

Buy a copy of Suicide Prevention and Intervention for Pastors and Churches: